Udomporn C.
For Dee Why pest Control, I’m very happy with the quality. The pest man is very genuine and helpful. He cleaned up the rodent mass at my attic too. I’m a wheelchair pensioner. The pestman is very generous; he give me thoroughly fine and excellent work. He values the quality above price. He did the a very good job. I very satisfy with his job.


Ivan Slade
Excellent service, went the extra mile and managed to get right under our floor to places all the other “experts” said was inaccessible. Honest, friendly, professional what more could you want. Highly recommend them would not go anywhere else!


Chantel C
Great value, and Rob is really helpful and reliable


Kate McLoughlin
Fantastic service, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Really appreciated Rob’s expertise and will use him again.


Justin Long
I have four words to describe the service I received from Rob and Deewhy Pest Control…
Polite / Professional / Knowledgeable & Tidy
We had had terrible cockroach problem for years and in one very thorough visit the problem is no more.
Cant thank you enough Rob…


Robert Chapman
We are very happy because as the owner / operator of the business, Rob has given us top notch service and has been very thorough without any extra costs.


Samir Malik
Rob is very helpful and thorough, and for after service, when I called him he came in five minutes, as it happened that he was in a job around the area of our house, doesn’t muck around and gives sound advice.


John Jang
Since I got the services of Dee Why Pest Control I haven’t seen any cockroaches and mice in the my kitchen. I am very happy with the result so I recommended their services to my friends.


Tara Shay
GREAT ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mefa leilua
Great service, arrived on time.